Avro Vulcan Visits Dunsfold Park

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Vulcan made a visit to the skies above Dunsfold Park on Sunday (October 16).

The impressive last minute display, came just two days shy of the fourth anniversary of the iconic bomber's first flight following a very lengthy, detailed and expensive restoration process.


It was a poignant occasion as, unless the latest fundraising drive bears fruit, it could have been the last flight for Avro Vulcan XH558.


"I have a lump in my throat," admitted Eddie Forrester, who is a big fan of the aircraft and whose company, Aerobytes, has ploughed substantial sums into keeping the plane in the air. "The Vulcan was making its final flight of the season and the crew were scheduled to have a practice display. As the main sponsor and living so close to Dunsfold Aerodrome they decided the most appropriate place to do the display was here."


Jim McAllister: "We were delighted to host what may be the last ever flight of the Vulcan. An oil leak prevented the Vulcan from making a planned appearance at Wings & Wheels, so it was particularly pleasing to see the aircraft fly low over the airfield on Sunday, the roar of its engines setting off car alarms! Unfortunately due to the short notice of the display and CAA regulations we were not able to publicise it."


After the brief but impressive and - considering its size - graceful show for those on the ground, the Vulcan headed for Wootten Bassett as part of the Wiltshire town's celebrations of being accorded royal status.


More information about the Vulcan- and the opportunity to donate - can be found online at www.vulcantothesky.org.