Aerodrome Data

General Info

Dunsfold Aerdrome is a private unlicensed airfield to the south of Guildford by 8NM and west of Gatwick by 13NM. 

Country United Kingdom
Time UTC 0 (+1BST)
Latitude / Logitude N51°07.00' /  W000°32.03'
Elevation 172 feet amsl
Operating Agency Dunsfold Airport Limited
Private Unlicensed Aerodrome STRICTLY PPR
Operating Hours

PPR: 07.30 - 19.30* (*+1 BST) Mon - Fri 07.30 - 15.00 Sat

Contact for PPR +44 (0)1483 200 900 - (Aerodrome Ops)


Dunsfold Radio 119.105 Mhz (Air / Ground)


ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
07 1525m x 45m  ASPHALT 30 Main Runway No
25 1374m x 45m (T.O.D.A) *Please note avoid area on approach ASPHALT 30 Main Runway  
Lighting Runway edge lighting by appointment      
Heliport Dunsfold Aerodrome operates a dedicated private landing area for helicopters. PPR as above      

Joining Instructions

Communications Call "DUNSFOLD RADIO" (119.105 Mhz) at the earliest opportunity when inside 10nm of the aerodrome
Circuit Pattern Runway 07 - right hand
Runway 25 - left hand - Please note strict avoid area before 25
Circuit Height 1000ft QNH
Navigation Warnings The base of the London TMA overhead is 2,500ft. The London Gatwick CTA is 1nm east of the aerodrome. On occasions, high performance civillian and military aircraft operate and helicopters to and from Dunsfold Aerodrome.


Flight Planning

Flight Plans Pilots of aircraft arriving or departing Dunsfold in controlled airspace should include London Farnborough (EGLF) in their Flight Plan addresses
IFR Flights Farnborough (RADAR) provide a radar service to Dunsfold IFR aircraft

Customs & Immigration



Dunsfold Aerodrome is able to arrange by appointment Customs, Immigration and Special Branch clearance not less than 24 hours in advance for flights to and from destinations outside the UK mainland.

A UK General Aviation Report (GAR) must be completed online with UK Borderforce. Click here for further information.


AVGAS By arrangement during opening hours
JET A1 By arrangement during opening hours

Parking & Handling

Parking Available on the airfield
Handling Available for corporate jet and helicopter traffic by arrangement