Reg Day Museum Supports PhD Plea

Thursday, 17 March 2011

On Wednesday 16th March, the Reg Day Museum at Dunsfold Park was host to Joel Morley from Queen Mary University of London.

Reg responded to a letter in the RAF Association magazine, in which Joel requested assistance from World War II veterans in the research and development of his PhD. Joel was invited to the Museum at Dunsfold Park, where he could broaden his knowledge regarding the history of the Aerodrome, and record interviews for his PhD which is looking closely into the attitudes of men in World War II and why they chose to enter into the armed forces.

Joel spent four years at Lancaster University studying for his Degree and Masters, before moving to Queen Mary to begin working towards his PhD. The research based doctorate based on oral history will involve a series of interviews with Second World War Veterans to understand their experiences and attitudes toward the War.

Each interview lasts in the region of four hours and Joel is hoping that he can speak to fifty War Veterans over the coming months. Joel is anticipating the 100,000 word PhD will be presented to markers by late 2012, in a bound book format with the hope of it being published for general public sale in 2013.

Reg Day comments; "I noticed Joel's letter in the RAF Association Magazine, and thought the history of the Aerodrome would be of interest to him. Dunsfold Aerodrome was an active airfield in WWII, with many servicemen and a variety aircraft based here, including myself! Coupled with memorabilia of the War, the museum is a permanent celebration of what occurred at Dunsfold Aerodrome and is available for all to see."