RE Hydrogen Ltd Win Funds to Develop Low Cost Electrolysers

Monday, 08 November 2010
Dunsfold Park tenant, RE Hydrogen Ltd (REH), is the latest among a group of enterprising green businesses on the Park to gain recognition for their innovative new technology.
On 12th October REH presented and exhibited their revolutionary low cost (£75/kW) electrolyser stack at the innovate-10 event organised by the Technology Strategy Board.  The unique competition attracted 114 applicants in the energy category in which REH were runners up winning an award of £25,000.

Based at Dunsfold Park, RE Hydrogen has developed patented, extremely low cost electrolysers operating at 76% efficiency to produce safe, leak proof and highly pure hydrogen gas as transport fuel and to provide services for smart grid applications.  The electrolysers are a high pressure alkaline type, suitable for variable and intermittent operation powered by renewable energy sources. This specific type of electrolyser can be used as vehicle refuellers and have the potential to be installed at homes, forecourts and in private depots for the 'return to base' type of fleet vehicle.

Dr Amitava Roy, Managing and Technical Director, REH Ltd comments: “Our electrolysers are 93% lower cost than other companies on the market and we have achieved this through eliminating the costly machined parts.  We are delighted with the recognition we have achieved for this through the innovate-10 event and with the £25,000 prize fund we are looking to develop a 5kW electrolyser stack and further develop our business.”

Jim McAllister, Chief Executive, Dunsfold Park Ltd said: “RE Hydrogen Ltd is just one in a number of innovative green companies in occupation at Dunsfold Park. We fully support and offer our congratulations to Dr Roy and his colleagues who continue to push scientific boundaries and challenge the way we currently live.

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Notes to Editors:

Dunsfold Park:
Dunsfold Park Ltd are the owner and operator of Dunsfold Park, the industrial complex on the site of Dunsfold Aerodrome.  Dunsfold Park was a base for Canadian and Dutch B-25 Mitchell bombers during WWII, and for aircraft involved in the Berlin Airlift in 1949.  It was subsequently used by Hawker Aircraft and BAE Systems to build combat aircraft, including the Hunter, Harrier and Hawk, until the factory was closed in 2000. Dunsfold Park is still used as a private airfield and is the home of BBC TV’s Top Gear programme.

RE Hydrogen Ltd:
RE Hydrogen is an early stage company with high value intellectual assets i.e. Patent, prototype designs, pre-commercial electrodes and a functional laboratory for small batch production and testing. REH operates in the low carbon energy generation and supply industry. Their electrolyser is an emerging technology to support the growth of wind industry, smart grid application and sustainable transport fuel production.

RE Hydrogen Ltd (REH) is developing low cost electrolysers to produce hydrogen fuel and to provide services for smart grid applications. Amitava started working on this technology in India as his Masters Degree project work in 2000, then through his PhD research (2002-2006) at Loughborough University, UK. The PhD research was undertaken as a part of a field demonstration project on hydrogen and renewable integration (i.e. HARI Project) in West Beacon Farm, Loughborough.

Based on the above research RE Hydrogen Pvt Ltd was first formed in India in 2006 to develop a low cost electrolyser for intermittent operation. RE Hydrogen Ltd (REH) was then incorporated in the UK in May 2009 as an independent company. REH is based in Dunsfold Park where it has its laboratory unit.