Olympics to Utilise South East Airfields to Avoid Air Traffic Chaos

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Dunsfold Aerodrome is one of 40 airports in the South East of England to be regulated in the lead-up to the Olympics as part of plans to prevent Heathrow becoming swamped by over 500,000 international visitors expected during the Games.

A task force of experts has been drawing up plans for more than a year and a series of temporary rules will be imposed on Dunsfold Aerodrome and other airports across the South East between July 21 and August 15. This means the number of airports that have their aircraft movements regulated will jump from 4 to 40.

There are forecast to be 3,000 extra private jet flights in addition to 700 more charter flights during July and August as travellers make their way to London for the Games. The temporary restrictions have been deemed necessary because there is insufficient capacity at Heathrow, already operating at 99 per cent, to cope with the extra Olympic traffic.

A Dunsfold Park spokesperson comments: "The enforcement of landing slot requirements on all airports in the South East by the Department of Transport and Civil Aviation Authority is primarily to prevent congestion. Not only are these measures in place to manage Heathrow, but Gatwick, Stansted and London City as well. With 3,000 extra business jets anticipated, our application for an extension to our operating hours is to support some of that traffic and provide parking provision."