Greenpower Race at Dunsfold Park

Friday, 24 June 2011

Greenpower electric car racing is returning to Dunsfold Park for the sixth year showcasing once again the cutting edge designs local school teams have developed.

For this unique competition the students have been designing and building single seat cars to compete in a four hour endurance race. The common factor to all teams is the power pack of a 24v motor and six 12v batteries. The race will be testing their engineering skills to the full as well as their teamwork and organisation skills.

“Greenpower has been running this competition for the past 13 years” Emma Tyler of Greenpower explained “Over this period we have seen amazing advances in engineering and design as the teams involved push the boundaries of electric vehicle development. Inspiring this focus and enthusiasm in young people will help to encourage them to consider a long term involvement in engineering.”

Local industry recognise the importance of developing a new generation of young engineers. Neil Rideout, Managing Director of Passivent who sponsor the event said “I was struck by the enthusiasm of all the schools involved. This along with the engineering skills are just what we look for in new employees.”

This is a sentiment echoed across the UK which is has attracted major organisations such as Siemens and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to support the project.

Jim McAllister, Chief Executive of Dunsfold Park Ltd who are hosting the event said “We are always happy to support such a worthy initiative and take great delight in viewing the creativity and skill applied by the students in their construction of the electric vehicles.”

Come along on Sunday 26 June and witness for yourself this revolution in car racing.