Prime Minister of Latvia visits TMO’s Process Demonstration Unit at Dunsfold Park

Friday, 10 August 2012

On Wednesday 8th August the CEO of TMO Renewables, David Weaver, welcomed The Prime Minister of Latvia, Valdis Dombrovskis, to TMO's ethanol process plant at Dunsfold Park in Surrey to learn more about the integrated process TMO offers for converting MSW (Municipal Solid Waste, or household rubbish) into ethanol.

The Prime Minister is on an extended visit to the UK, timed to coincide with the Olympics, to promote Latvian interests abroad, including trade and industry.

TMO has been working in close partnership with turnkey solution provider Greenworld Fuels (GWF) to develop potential MSW to ethanol opportunities in all of GWF's operational geographies, including a MSW to ethanol production plant in Latvia, which will provide high value sustainable fuels and employment.

At the plant on Dunsfold Park David Weaver showed the Prime Minister TMO's operational Process Demonstration Unit ('PDU'). The UK's first cellulosic demonstration facility, the PDU is used to conduct feasibility studies on a wide range of feedstocks to determine the optimal process for each material both for clients and, from Q1 2013, for producing TMO's own second generation bioethanol for commercial sale. A variety of household and agricultural wastes can be processed to determine commercial viability for many high value energy products including bioethanol.

David Weaver, CEO of TMO, said, "I am delighted to welcome the Prime Minister to our facility.  We value his interest in our combined Waste Materials to Ethanol solution with Green World Fuels.  We look forward to the exciting prospect of TMO technology being used in Latvia in the near future. "

Valdis Dombrovskis, The Prime Minister of Latvia said, "I was eager to visit TMO and hear more about their waste to energy technology.  I have a personal interest in sustainability and cleantech technologies and on behalf of my country I am keen to understand how it could be used to deliver jobs and value to the Latvian people."

TMO has a growing international reputation with customers and collaborators in China, Brazil and Russia and is recognised as a major global disruptive technology provider.